About The Spirit box

I have always been inspired by nature and the natural beauty of aging objects. I hope my work reflects that by melding nature, metal and other objects together into a organic piece of art.

All items are designed by me (Debbie Zapatka aka The Spirit Box) in my home studio located in sunny Arizona. I have a degree in design and illustration; however I am self-taught in the art and craft of painting and jewelry making, mostly by means of trial and error.

All pieces are absolutely one of a kind, however if you see something you like that has already been sold, or if you would like a customization of an available piece, I will happily recreate the design as close as possible to the original. Of course, as in all original artwork, there will always be variations, especially in the metal patinas used in some pieces. All metal pieces are hand cut so shapes will always retain a certain level of uniqueness. Prayer necklace messages are written by Julia Cameron found in her Transitions book.

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